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Elections and VotingElections and VotingElections and Voting Elections and VotingElections and VotingElections and VotingElections and Voting
Brought to you by Secretary of State Jon Husted and County Election Officials
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1. Introduction To The Course current course
2. Elections Process Overview
3. Types of Elections
4. Precinct Election Officials' Responsibilities and Conduct
5. Arranging the Polling Location
6. Preparing for Voters
7. Processing Voters
8. Determining Type of Ballot to be Provided to Voter
9. Voter Identification Requirements
10. Provisional Ballots
11. Challenging Voters
12. Managing Polling Location
13. Closing the Polls
14. Court Orders
15. Course Quiz

Letter from the Ohio Secretary of State

Dear Precinct Election Official,

Ohio's residents can claim one of the best elections systems in the nation. Through our work together, we have made it easy to vote and hard to cheat. And we will not rest on what we have accomplished in the past four years, but will continue to improve throughout each election.

This course is intended to provide the training and knowledge you need to be well prepared in assisting your neighbors as they exercise their right to vote on Election Day.

Here you will find:

  • The duties and responsibilities of being a precinct election official;

  • How to run an election in your precinct; and

  • How to assist voters in various situations on Election Day.

Because you are on the front lines during each election, I welcome and encourage your feedback regarding the information provided and how we can improve these training materials in the future.

On behalf of all 88 county boards of elections, thank you for volunteering to give your time, talent and energy to ensuring a smooth elections process for all Ohio voters. I look forward to working with you.


Jon Husted

Ohio Secretary of State

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